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Allen Ginsberg’s visit to Manchester on June 5th 1979

I’m doing some research into Allen Ginsberg’s visit to Manchester on June 5th 1979. He read at the Library Theatre with Anne Waldman, Peter Orlovsky and Steven Taylor. It was a fundraiser for the Tibetan Buddhist Centre in Chorlton.
I’d like anyone who was at that reading to get in touch with me. I’m interested to hear any stories and if anyone got books signed. I’m asking for scanned copies of signed books. And I can’t find a single photograph of the event – so that would be amazing if anyone does have images. I think there is a possible article to be written as the trip isn’t mentioned in any significant way in his published biographies or letters. (A brief mention of the visit in a letter to Gary Snyder). The next day Ginsberg and party went up to visit Dove Cottage and Wordsworth’s grave.
It was, as far as I can ascertain, Ginsberg’s only visit to Manchester. Though, again, if anyone knows otherwise maybe they could contact me.
Roger Bygott