Linda Chase

I met Linda Chase when I enrolled on the first Poetry School course that was held in Manchester, which my unreliable memory thinks was in 2004. The course was held in the Thai Chi village hall behind Linda’s house on Palatine Road in Didsbury, Manchester. I can remember wandering up and down the road looking for something resembling a village hall and somewhat tentatively walking down her drive and finding it. I was early and alone in the hall, but not for long. A small energetic lady with a New York accent bustled in and immediately began organising me into moving tables and chairs. So it went on, her benign dictatorship, until she died in April 2011. During the years of our friendship, because we became firm friends, I helped her organise Poets & Players events, and for a long time was treasurer. I also helped her sort out problems with the Dear List which I decided to take over after she died.

Linda touched many many people with her kindness and boundless energy. I will never forget her.


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